Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Monster Britches"

People always ask me if I make anything for my son...well yes, but he is more of a PJ kinda guy.

I got this COOL monster fabric from my sweet friend Melissa of TheBowVine. She sent me literally the perfect amount of it (not hardly a scrap left) to make 2 pair for her little men and one pair for mine. L1's little piece of it had been sitting lonely in my cabinet til he was looking over my shoulder the other day as I was parusing through a newer Mini Boden catalog and he spied some monster applique tees. Specifically the one with the monster on a skateboard (he is a true fan of both) and told me..."Mommy you need to make me that!" Well, that settled it... and I knew I needed to whip up those "Monster Britches" to match.

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