Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Stuff Happens

I LOVE this time of afternoon/evening!!! I always seem to miss it though when I am trying to take pictures....I was so happy to get a few shots before the sun slipped down.

My big guy insists on carrying his own pumpkin nowadays.

I can remember when we first started taking him here, he could barely reach the pedals on this he is all scruncthed up with his knees practically in his face still trying to fit on it.

Wants to be just like her brother...ya know

Some of you may have noticed my absence from the ebay world as of late and it appears that absence will continue if my wrist gets its way.  Despite all my icing, resting and efforts to wear a brace it is just not getting better (actually getting worse). The crazy part is that I have been to 2 different doctors who are scratching their heads as if I am some kind of medical oddity, all the while my wrist is screaming at me to find someone to fix it. If any of you have any ideas for what might be wrong with a wrist that is hugely swollen from the pinky side of the finger all the way down to past the wrist including the lower palm of the hand, makes popping sounds when moved, and feels like a seering ball of fire....PLEASE let me know!
So as it seems, I will not be doing an customs for ebay in the near future ....sigh.....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

And now for all the LISTINGS....

I've got relists, resells, customs, .99 NR, you name it....


Candy Apple, yep I'm NUTS! This one is CUSTOM and .99 NR!

How cool! Found this over at This Is Boutique on this little ELFI resell...

Reaching far back in the closets for this little Ice Cream resell...

And another way back in the back...Gymbo Turtles!

My Baby is 5!

First things first...the big girl decorated her own birthday adding about a whole container of sprinkles to the was actually delicious.

"Cake's good Ma!"

Yep, another cake! She had an Ollie Koala birthday party with her was far and away the easiest and most stress free party we have ever had...all we did was show up! No cleaning the house or other prep at all!

I had always wanted to do an outdoor party at our favorite park...but as you can see, unless we move her birthday to November around here, I don't think it's gonna happen!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Mania

First Day of School:
L1 2nd Grade, L2 Kindergarten

L1 is showing us his Indiana Jones muscles here, they have gotten a lot bigger since 1st grade!

"Bye Mom, go on, go on, I don't need you to stay here with me....."

I shed more than a few tears over this one, how is my BABY girl ready for this?

L2's 5th Birthday,
Tha Last Days of Summer &
New Listings
coming soon....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pinata Day and other Summer Musings

Lets' face's summer, sometimes we just get bored...too hot to play we need some indoor excitement...hence...Pinata Day!
Now, I had told the kids that we would MAKE our own pinatas, you know the FREE kind with a balloon, some glue and newspaper strips...But then I was not feeling well and went to lay down for a nice little nap. Somehow while I was snoozing the kids proceed to tell Daddy about how mom said they could have pinatas, and not being the crafty kind he takes them to Party City where they spent and outrageous amount of $$ and come home with these.

L2 tries to "help"...umm...not a good idea to stand in front of L1 while he is swinging a bat.

There she goes!

L2's turn...
notice that large pile of "to be folded" laundry in the background...
that pile is the bane of my existence.

MAGIC!! It disappeared! I am always running around trying to keep "messes" out of photos. I don't know why, the truth is we live in a constant mess.
If you look closely at one of the photos below you can spot a full trashbag sitting up againt the door, just begging to be taken out. Such is life.

And we all watched Hannah Montana in 3D....Robby got some new photo editing thing for his ipod and likes to make us all look electric...

And Princess got caught red handed (or red pawed).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Sweet Apple

I love this dress!! I especially love the fact that it fits with the whole first day of school "apple" theme, but at the same time it does not scream ABC's, and thus it can be worn year round...see I really am try to help ya'll out here! L2 was pretty enamored with it too, as you can see...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's Get TINKY!

Whew! It's been awhile I know. This daily summer routine has been keeping me hopping.... with all the swimming, craft and painting projects and the desperate search to find indoor playgrounds in this sticky FL always amazes me how little time I find to sew in these supposed lazy days of summer. In the midst of it I did manage this TINKY Dress for Ivylane's Wings On Things Launch.

I used Patty Young's Frieda pattern for the top of the dress and I think the fact that I rarely use patterns was coming through because I swear when I read the instructions it was all clear to me....but I probably sewed the wrong parts together the same wrong way about 3 times before I got it right. Combine that with the fact that L2 has worn this dress for the past 2 days straight, and you can see why the sample is not for sale.

And...did you see Melissa's super awesome bows????? They were the inspiartion for this set...i saw them listed awhile back and just HAD to have them! So the dress was made to match. L2 was constantly leaning her head down and reminding me as we took the photos..."Don't forget Miss Melissa's bows Mommy!"

And Miss Cree over at This Is Boutique has been super duper nice to me lately...i got another of of these...