Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Drawing

My big guy has taken an interest in drawing as of late after his class watched a vhs tape (from the 80's I think) about how to draw animals etc. Having no luck tracking down this video on Amazon we headed off to Barnes & Noble in search of some drawing books....

This one by Ed Emberley was just what I was hoping to find. Perfect for any aspiring artist, it has shows how to use very simple shapes and put them together step by step to create a ...

masterpiece! (yes, it's an elephant...the first one he's ever drawn!)

And we got this one for my little princess artist....

At first I was taken aback at how much smaller her creations were than those in the book...guess tiny fingerprints make tiny creatures.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


today was recital time for my L2

that girl LOVES to dance almost as much

as she LOVES makeup and getting "fancy"!

after a bit of a rough go at dress rehersal this morning

she NAILED it!

Yes, I am one proud MAMA!

She could have gotten up there and just jumped up and down for all I care, but my sweet sensitive one likes to get things right and boy did she ever!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little Surreal...

So when Ivylane decided to have a guest launch, I knew just who I wanted to invite....but I was more than a little nervous thinking there was no way she would accept an invitation from little ol' me. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find her answer to be...YES! Of course I am talking about the fabulous Cree of Bowznstuff!!!! I have admired her work for so long, this has been a dream come true to have her as my guest. Her designs are obviously the quintessential original boutique... fun, whimsical and any little girl's dream to wear. But it is not just that... from everything to photography, presentation, the fact that she can make her own bows (sadly, I have no hope in that dept.), that uber cutie pie baby girl of hers and her ability to create a ruckus of a following with her buyers... she is in my opinion one awesome lady. And to top it all off, so dang NICE and down to earth...
Yea, I pretty much heart Cree!

So here is my contribution in our fun trip to the Magical Land of the Unicorn...

This fabric is unsanely cute and it even has SPARKLES in it.

I had some fleeting thought about selling the sample...what was I thinking?

L2 wore this for 3 days and would only take it off when she had gotten some chocolate on the top that I told her would not come out unless I washed it right away...

so this one is a keeper.

See the cutsom auction here...

and all of the fab IVYLANE TRAVEL auctions HERE.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sneaky Peeky....

Be on the lookout Monday....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pass the klenex

My baby boy turned 7 today...

My baby girl graduated from PreK today....

What I will miss most about PreK.... all these sweet songs

I have driven through the car line at this school everyday for 3 years now...and i do not know what I am going to do in August when I have to take them BOTH to the big kid is it possible that we are done with Preschool???

They both had this sweet teacher for 4 Year Old class...we so love her!

Even Robby got in on the action and turned 37 today! Yep, he and L1 share a birthday...30 years apart. I don't have to cry over his though...I think he just gets hotter with age!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Baby Boy

Homemade GFCF Star Wars cake: $30

Castle Bouncy House : $115

Pizza and Treats for 30 : $150

Watching my BIG guy have fun at his first ever BDay Party with "friends": PRICELESS

Oh my, how much he has grown!!!! I can only remember 2 other parties where we invited other kids...#1 and #2, and that was before we knew any better. Both times he quickly became overwhelmed, so by the time #3 rolled around we had learned our lesson and kept the parties after that low key with only close family...much more to his liking. I was more than a tad nervous this year when he told me he wanted to invite his school friends, all 18 of them. But he's been maturing by leaps and bounds, so after having a discussion just to make sure he knew how noisy and full o people our house would be, I agreed.

And he was right, he really DID want them there. He was so excited to show them all around the house, happily sharing his toys even. And this year we even made it through singing the birthday song with no tears. I just can't believe how he has grown!!!