Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bug Spirits

So today we had to have and in depth discussion on the spirits of bugs. My London LOVES bugs, she is forever looking for, finding and collecting bugs dead or alive. Since Santa is cool and shops at Toys to Grow On she got a "Bug Kit" for Christmas. We are talking real bugs (Stink Bugs, Wasps, Dung Beatles- yes, you read me right); all perfect specimens encased in small clear plastic blocks for 360 viewing with a very special magnifying glass. These bugs have graced my kitchen table for more time than I care to admit in her quest for knowledge about bugs. She will tell anyone and everyone the highly technical information "Did you know dung beetles eat...POOP??!"

So anyway, today her ever evolving mind wants to know..."If bugs go to heaven when they die, why are these bugs still right here in my bug kit??"...... Followed by discussion of separation between body and spirit- yes, even a dung beetle has a spirit. All this before 8AM.

Luke has now discovered a new show called How is it Made? It is a show for adults, but has captivated this almost 6 year old. He now purposefully comes in my sewing room, looks at my dress makers dummy and proceeds to tell me the details of mannequin-making (not to mention bell-making, solid surface counter top-making, sheet metal-making and many other -makings). Now everything he does could be a script for this show, yesterday he made his own episode "Raisin-Making: From Grape to Publix". These are definitely my Sweet Scientist Babies.

After trying to outfit both of my babes in matching brother/sister ensembles for the past 3 years, I was bursting with excitement about the birth of my niece last year. My mind was whirling, creating closet-fulls of matching cousin sets. Baby Amy celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago and I did not miss the opportunity to do some matchy-matchy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh the AZALEAS....

There certain things about this time of the year here in the south that are just really imprinted on me. That certain bright, crisp green of all the baby leaves unraveling on the oaks. And the AZALEAS!! Oh my.. the azaleas. The dark pink ones are my favs. I am truly awed and mesmerized by them. Maybe its partly that they are so short lived, or that they suddenly appear from a roadside bush that I have never even noticed before. Whatever the reason, I cannot get enough of them!

I've got that spring optimism taking me over today.....So in addition to cleaning all the pop tart crumbs and broken crayons out of my purse I think it's time to start something new. Let's go crazy and start a blog! Why not??

I will be adding tons of pics and some sneak peaks of the sets I've been working on. I have largely moved my sets off ebayland and have a few of my favorites listed on Etsy. I could browse that site FOREVER I think. I just love all the jewelry and cool stuff there. It's like a whole new world.... I will still be listing a few things on ebay (*Lula*Bee*Boutique*), but swing by my Etsy Shop to check out most of my wears.

I've had tons of requests for M2MG skirts as of late so be on the lookout for those. Who can resist these new lines anyway?? Here's one for Spring Rainbow...