Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ooooooh a Giveaway!

One of my fav designers Lila Tueller is having a fabulous givaway on her BLOG. Just look at this!!! I just love mixing fabrics (don'tcha know!) and I especially love to mix fabrics of different designers- this bag is a perfect example of why! Go leave her a comment for a chance to win it- but just so ya know I really really want it myself!

Oh, and my serger pooped out on me the other day so I am dying over hear waiting for it to get repaired. Here is the guilty party that broke it...

I made this for one of my wonderful buyers, for her daughter's 3rd birthday. I was just finishing the last rolled hem when the fabric flipped back up and got caught in the loopers- not a pretty sound! Thank goodness I finshed all the hems, because my bench-warming serger just won't do them. I should have one of these done in L2's size soon so I can list it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Resell Time

Now, usually you will not find too many resells done by me..Why? Well, because I am a sappy sort of girl and if I can remember anything even remotely sweet, cute, or sometimes any ol' thing at all that happened while she was wearing an outfit I will hang on to it and put it in my "special" box of overflowing clothes in the back of her closet. For whatever reason I can't remember a thing that happened while she was wearing this one, so HERE ya go.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Sweet Little Potty Mouth

L2 has discovered that some words are just funnier than others....Robby just hates it when she says "butt" so he is constantly trying to correct her and make her say "bottom" instead. Well apparently there is nothing a fiesty almost 4 yr old likes to do more than irk her daddy because the more he says "bottom" the more ways she finds to talk about "butts". Today she says "Hey, a bug bit my BUTT!" Of course daddy tells her to say bottom, she snickers and says "A bug bit my bottom BUTT!" (say that 5 times fast :). He gives her a very disapproving glare and she responds "Hee Hee underwear! UNDERWEAR!!!!! BUTT!!! BUTT!! UNDERWEAR!!!" and then falls out of her chair laughing. I had to walk into the hallway and giggle myself!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Candy Corn Cutie




I went kinda nutty and listed this one way cheaper than usual, so either I will get to have fun watching bids or someone is going to get a crazy good deal...go check it out HERE

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wanna see something FREAKY??

No really, look again...

Robby and my FIL took the kids to the Alligator Farm yesterday, and when they got home and I saw these pics I peed my pants. No I did not go, I would have been terrified at the first sight of them and snatched my babies and ran like the wind outta there. Both the kids thought it was the coolest place they had ever been and did not want to come home.

Yes, they are weird....

And act like monkeys...

Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Christmas In July


Yes, it's that time agian. Here's my first holiday set. You will have to just imagine it with a cute short or long sleeve top underneath for those cool fall days. It is a sweltering 98 degrees with like 500% humidity here everyday so it was hard enough to get her in the jeans.


I love this picture so much, then when I got it on the computer I realized it looks like I am torturing my poor child to tears. I swear she is just squinting in the sunlight people. She was about to earn her next Puppy In My Pocket modeling treat, trust me she was happy!


Take a peek here....

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Whipped!

Oh my....I seriously cannot remember the last time I was this tired. I kept my sweet 17 month old niece (A) today. We had so much fun, but boy oh boy that girl can move. And with mine now at 6 and almost 4, our house is far from baby proofed anymore. Mine have already dismantled and outsmarted all the child locks from the cabinets and doors (shhh! don't tell hrs on me). And our house is like a sea of tiny choking hazards- our floors littered with miniature polly pocket shoes, lincoln logs and kinex. So unlike the old days when my kids were babies and I let then run free through the house, I had to be on serious duty today. Not to mention that when it is not my own kid, I feel a special obligation to make sure they make it through the day alive.

She really was a treat to have though. I loved watching L2 play mommy to her, breaking up all her food into tiny bites and leading her around the house offering her cheerios if she would just come follow her around. Not once did I hear the usaul drone of "mommmmmmmmmy who can I play with??!!"

L1 was in heaven too. Since his tag along little sis was occupied with her cousin all day, he was finally able to build his lincoln log cabins and hot wheel tracks in peace.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here Comes Olivia...

Here's a sneaky of my Olivia's funky Christmas set that will be out on Tuesday for the Lil Peas Christmas in July launch. Twirl top and applique jeans.

Oh an update on the pool ordeal. I struck a deal with L1 that he did not have to go in the deep end and he was moderately ok with only doing the parts of the class that take place in the shallow end. At least he got back in the water!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's ALL Grey Area

Before I became a parent, I thought it was all cut and dry, black and white- the whole raising kids thing. Having one with autism kinda threw me a curve ball, nothing is black and white, it's more a sloppy grey soup.

To see these pictures you would think he loves to swim. He was so excited on his first day of swim lessons, he listened and follwed directions and swam like a fish to the point where his teachers thought he should be moved up to the next class. This was one of those highs for sure.

Then boom, next day different story. Second day of lessons, he refuses to even get in the water, crying about how he does not want to go near the "black line". No amount of treats or reassurance could sway him, not even the promise of watching Air Buddies when we got home. In years past I would have pushed and pushed til he got in the water like it or not. But he is 6 now, a big boy, and the bigger he gets the harder it is to physically MAKE him do anything. So I let it be his decision, knowing that Skittles waited in the car for any kids that did their swim lesson, aka L2.

I felt like the meanest mommy on the planet when we got back to the car and L2 got her skittles and he broke down in whimpery tears and cried off and on for almost 2 hours about not getting any. I really hope he changes his mind today and gets in the water (even just a little bit), cause I don't think I can take it again if he doesn't get those skittles.

The older he gets I am learning that I just can never know all the things that go through his mind or the WHYS behind what to me seems an irrational fear or behavior. I expect now when we go out to a store or anywhere really that there will be an incident:

1- He will get upset about something, sometimes something I can pin-point but often not.

2- Some people will stare and wonder why I can't control my kid. A few of them will actually voice this opinion or offer me lots of "suggestions" knowing nothing about what I am dealing with.

3- I will try to stay calm and figure out what to do. If none of this happens, I get to be pleasently surprised.

Alternate #2- Sometimes I will see a lady give me a small knowing glance of sympathy and I can tell that she understands, that she too has been touched my autism and she knows better than to stare or to offer suggestions. Usually she too will have a young boy beside her, but for now her's is calm. As much as I hate to know that there are others out there going through these daily trials, it does help to not feel alone. :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Check these cuties!

Oh I just LOVE it when you guys send me pics of your sweeties in my designs!! Here are a few I have gotten recently...